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The glass is right near my lips.The waitress brought me my beer.Mary moved down to the kitchen and Lisa took a nice leisurely shower and followed later wearing only a towel.I wished I could’ve said it was one last act of defiance in the face of doom, but it wasn’t. It was hatred, but not for her; for me. For when Leveria had pressed her lips to mine, I hadn’t opened my mouth to lure her to my teeth.“Well like I said already I was laying here waiting for you and got to thinking about you, one thing sort of lead to another, I mean there I was half naked smelling your pillow when the door opened.The pleasure shuddered through me as I watched the rapture flowing through my girlfriend.“Dimitri, you may approach.”“Do you like it?I’ll rescue you, the emotionally impotent man, from your pitiful, lonely circumstances.Thanks.”Tammy: After we settled in, I started to quiz Heather.If I had opened my mouth I would have said something bitter that would have left the girl even more

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