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"Uhgn fuck," I grunted then whimpered, "Please be gentle."“Do it, Daddy,” whimpered Sam.Amy rolled her eyes, shrugged off the officers hand on her arm and said, “What ? No, you idiots, I'm the---” was all she got out before the female cop had roughly spun her around and slammed her face down on the hood of the car.“No worries.” Paul said casually, taking another sip.They were great.I was at a loss for words myself.Shevoin stood over us, his magic surging at us.I licked around the folds of her lips then looked up "is this some ones cum" I asked showing her my fingers.She never would have accepted this lewd act had she known how devastatingly dirty it would be!She kisses me and tells me she’s going to change and head up to the office to do some work.How wonderful it would be to carry the queen’s child, or if she was lucky, children.I even slept through my brother raping Samantha.“Lemmie see.” After glancing at the screen, Patricia continued, “That’s too big and c

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