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“Oh God, it hurts!” he almost cried, “I can’t feel one of my legs and my other arm’s gone numb!My cock had never been treated so delicately before, and I was so hard that it was actually blissfully painful.You saw it.“Great job team B, hit the showers.“Put down your staff, Fredeon!”Anyway, your wife has been masturbating for nearly an hour.Eat my cock”You're wet, honey."I will not lose him again, once was nearly unforgiveable, this will not happen a second time."She scooted closer to the mirror to see what it was.He wasn't lying when he said he'd seen naked women before...while he wasn't a virgin himself, the few times he had done it had been with a condom.Then she thrust her arm through the whole and feigned a scream.“A contest with the faeries will not last long, I fear.I groaned as she pressed herself down my dick.“While link I’m here I demand the return of her engagement ring.“I could ask you the same question.” I said, giving her a critical eye.All seven wom

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