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Does it sound like I was paranoid?“Too many cloths I defiantly saw a sign out there that said ‘clothing optional’ so what about it girls?” and with that there was a flurry of bikini tops and bottoms being removed and tossed aside.Claire was out shopping for something, what exactly that was is beyond me since she said it was a surprise and I would just have to wait for her to come home.Or two, he could join us for a threesome and he would get to start with her while I watched for a bit before joining them, then she could go with him to his room to fuck him as much as she wanted.Do you want to wear girl clothes?I can’t see down far enough, but I can feel it.By mutual agreement, they forgoed the usual foreplay with kissing and hugging and moved on to more succulent endeavors.To say that sucked would have been an understatement, like saying Amelia Earhart was a little lost.Then, I licked his softening cock clean, assuring he wouldn’t have a mess dripping on or in his pants.“D

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