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“Lilith, I would never lie to you.”During his mid-teenage years he started to try and catch her and his sister undressing or toweling off after a shower but it never came to much."Oh fuck!I didn’t expect Joan to last very long.“How divine she shall taste.Her lips were planted on mine, none too gently, I might add.“bu, buda, buda dudu” is the incoherent language I muttered while whatever conviction or consciousness I had was being scrubbed clean.“Thanks again for hearing me out.”Once I get him, I tell him that on Monday his wife should show up to the Hawk to have her first day of work for Jaxson, Inc. He seems very happy that his wife will be going to work for me. I tell him that she should show up about 9 am so she can help put many of the houses on MLS for sale.Once that cage was on, running away would either mean the end of his erections, or the loss of his balls.There lies Clark in a pool of blood.“After I thought about it, it kind of turned me on.It was on warm Sa

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