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Soon his cock was completely erect . . .I was there right now.Bill just stared at the stack of paper, “Any private testing you or the team have done?” Dirk wasn't about to give away their secrets.“I don’t want to pry, Beryl, and I don’t want you to feel pressured but I think you want to tell me something.If Astrid wanted to live in a fantasy, I wasn’t going to stop her.“We’re at Mercy General.” He seemed mollified, at least.We went downstairs to his brand new blue BMW Z4 convertible and he opened the door of the car for me. I managed to sit down in a somewhat ladylike fashion – I don’t think I showed too much.“I love her cock in my pussy.She made sure to not look too close at the butt plug until she had washed it in the sink.God, she wanted this.Only... was there such a thing as a non-slutty lesbian?I closed my eyes.Not tonight, but in a few days.She picked it up, her dark fingers sliding over the bright surface.Then she pressed her hard cock against my pussy li

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