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I’ll try to avoid that by telling everyone to throw anything illegal onto the floor.”“Damn.” I muttered aloud.She told me yes and then I told her to get to her task.She gave me a wicked grin.Each of these beings had, at one point, fought Synthrax for its planet's freedom, for its species' survival."Depends how good you are between now and then, Sarah.Add a sleeping bag and "poof!"Chapter Sixteen: Sister's Naughty TwinShe was a little sweaty, a little tired looking as she returned to earth.My rich-bitch sex slave cupped her conical tits, her fingers squeezing those little mounds.He reached over and gave her cold dead lips a quick kiss.I put what I learned to good use with the girls in junior high but never went all the way with them.“I will do what I want with them and you will not object, yes?” I nodded again.I had kissed her many times before, even on the lips, but those we quickly fatherly pecks or, much more rare, big playful and silly smooches.Another twenty minutes pa

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