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He unfolded the paper and looked at what I had added under the line ‘Other duties as assigned’:He was sending her out in public.Unsurprisingly, Luke offered to help me out.The hug rapidly turned into a cuddle, one which we remained in for what seemed like hours.But he was going slow, only putting a little more of himself inside of her at a time, until she adjusted, then adding a little more.She then winks at me and unbeknownst to me is caught my Cassie.From side to side, from knees, up just to the hem of the underwear.You just walked in the door after a long hard day of dealing with customers who love to grab the ass of the sexy young server.Got to ‘know’ the boy better, too.To be continued...As I was waiting to give my order I looked round and saw that none of the teenagers were eating; just watching their ‘Masters’.Well that was where they were looking when I looked up at them.If they cried, they were wasting?“Get pumped with your team.”Finally I asked the patient for

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